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For 12 of 12, I am once again exploring a city that I don't know yet. Although Rottweil is only 70 km away from my home town Sindelfingen, I've never been here before. Yet it is the oldest town in Baden-Württemberg - founded by the Romans in 73 AD as the military base Arae Flaviae. It is also a stronghold of the Swabian-Alemannic carnival. Since 2017, Rottweil has been home to the tallest elevator test tower in Europe - Thyssen-Krupp erected it just outside the city gates.

After a leisurely breakfast at home, I set off and arrive in Rottweil at around 11:30. On the way, I hear on the radio that the farmers want to go on the barricades in Rottweil today. Well, I've picked the right day for my excursion. But I stick to my plans anyway!

Originally, I wanted to go to the test tower first and then into town. When I reach Rottweil, however, there is still a lot of fog hanging between the hills, so I decide to see the old town first and then, hopefully with better visibility, tackle the test tower in the afternoon.

I park my car in P6 in Stadtgrabenstraße - a good choice. Parking costs just 2 euros for four hours and I can walk to the Black Gate in just a few minutes.

Rottweil - Black Gate and the picturesque old houses on the main street - angiestravelroutes.com
The lower part of the Black Gate (Schwarzes Tor) was built in 1230 from humpback ashlars as part of the Staufer town fortifications. The famous Rottweiler Narrensprünge (literally: fools' leaps - thats what we call the carnival processions of the Swabian-Alemannic carnival) begin at the Black Gate on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

The main street is Rottweil's parlor with picturesque old houses, many of which have beautifully decorated bay windows. But first I walk through the gate and uphill to the Hochturm (literally: high tower).

Rottweil - the scaffolded high tower surrounded by wintry parkland - angiestravelroutes.com

Unfortunately, the tower is covered in scaffolding. To enjoy the panoramic view of the Neckar valley, Swabian Alb and Black Forest foothills from the tower, you have to pick up the key from the tourist information office next to the Old Town Hall. I don't do this because it's still foggy and I want to go up the test tower later anyway. A thin blanket of snow has transformed the park around the tower into a magical winter wonderland.

From up here, I can also see the TK test tower, which sticks out of the landscape behind the houses like a giant finger.

Rottweil - View from the park at the Hochturm to the TK test tower - angiestravelroutes.com

I go back into town and have a look at the cathedral. In the meantime, the protesting farmers have arrived in Rottweil. The honking of the tractors contrasts with the tranquillity of the town.

Rottweil - Church tower of the Heilig-Kreuz-Münster - angiestravelroutes.com
The Heilig-Kreuz-Münster was built as early as the 12th century. In the 15th century it was rebuilt in the Gothic style and baroqueized in the 17th century.

I think the inside of the cathedral is also very beautiful. It was completely renovated a few years ago, which was obviously worthwhile.

Rottweil - Heilig-Kreuz-Münster from the inside - Window in the main choir, in front of it the crucifix - angiestravelroutes.com
The larger-than-life crucifix in the main choir is attributed to Veit Stoß. Unfortunately, it can only be admired from a distance as it is not permitted to enter the chancel.

I make my way to the Dominican church, but the farmers are honking their tractors as they drive along the street Kriegsdamm, which I have to cross to get to the church. A few passers-by wave to them. I wonder how I will get out of the city later, and whether I will even make it to the test tower.

Rottweil - Convoy of protest farmers
During my tour of Rottweil, a convoy of agricultural vehicles passes through the town, honking their horns loudly.

A tractor stops for me so that I can cross the road - I think that's very nice of the driver.

Rottweil - Baroque interior of the Dominican Church - angiestravelroutes.com
The Dominican church was built from 1268 in the High Gothic style. During the Thirty Years' War, it became a pilgrimage church after 42 churchgoers testified that the statue of the Virgin Mary on the altar of the rosary had moved their eyes twice in November 1643. In 1753, the church was given its current Baroque interior and frescoed.

I walk back to the main street with its many beautiful houses. One of the most striking is Kirsner's house.

Rottweil - Kirsnersches Haus - Apostelbrunnen - angiestravelroutes.com
The Kirsner house on Hauptstraße dates back to the 15th century, but the west gable was not painted until 1938. The Apostle Fountain in front of the house is a copy of the former Rössle Fountain and was only installed here in 1984.

But now it's time for a coffee. Between the Old Town Hall and Kirsnerschem Haus, I turn into Rathausgasse, where Café Schädle offers delicious cakes and homemade apple strudel.

Rottweil - View of the Rathausgasse - angiestravelroutes.com
Decorated wrought-iron signs often attract attention at Rottweil's stores, restaurants and cafés. Here is the sign for Café Schädle opposite the Old Town Hall.

I can't resist homemade apple strudel. I remember that at the 12 of 12 December in Cochem at the Moselle river I also ate one 😆. It's hard to say which was the better one.

Rottweil - Café Schädle - Apple strudel - angiestravelroutes.com
Café Schädle's homemade apple strudel is a sensation! I've rarely eaten a better one ...

In the café, I find out that the farmers are going to a rally after the convoy ride. It's getting quieter outside. My hope grows that I will be able to drive to the test tower unhindered.

Indeed - when I leave the café, I no longer see or hear any honking. After a short drive, I park in the visitor parking lot directly in front of the TK-Elevator test tower. The license plate number is automatically read and saved when you enter the car park, so you don't need a parking ticket. You then enter your license plate number at the machine before exiting and pay the fees incurred. The barrier opens automatically as soon as you stand in front of it with your car. Very practical.

The fog has lifted a little, but unfortunately the visibility is not really good. Nevertheless, the ride in the high-speed elevator alone is impressive.

Rottweil - TK-Elevator test tower - glazed viewing platform - angiestravelroutes.com
The TK Elevator test tower is 246 m high and has the highest visitor platform in Germany (at a height of 232 m). There are twelve elevator shafts in the tower where engineers test elevators at speeds of up to 18 m/s. The visitor elevator takes me to the platform in 30 seconds.

I am amazed when I come across a group of around 30 farmers at the top (shouldn't they be at their rally?) who are taking part in a tour of the tower. I listen to the motivated guide for a while and learn that poor Rottweil will be getting a suspension bridge and a prison in the next few years. Both are intended to bring additional money into the municipal coffers.

The "Neckar Line" suspension bridge will span the Neckar valley at 606 m and connect the test tower and the Berner Feld, on which it stands, with the city. The Neckar Line is expected to attract 100,000 to 200,000 visitors a year.

Rottweil - TK Elevator test tower - angiestravelroutes.com
The futuristic test tower from TK Elevator looks particularly spectacular just before sunset.

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