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Tips for your eventful trip to Germany

You want to Travel Germany by Car?

There is hardly a country in Europe that is better suited for a road trip than Germany. On well-developed roads you can reach even the furthest corner of the country quickly.

With the planning you will help my customized Route suggestions for your road trip in Germany.


I am Angelika,
globetrotter, and travel blogger
for Germany

Germany's fascinating cities, medieval half-timbered architecture and the varied landscapes between the Alps and the North Sea will inspire you too!

If you are not only interested in touristic Highlightsbut also in art and culture, - for example, for Germany's 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. - you are at the right place. Use my experience in traveling through Germany to put together your own perfect tour or simply travel one of my routes.

Here you will find my best tipsto make your road trip in Germany an unforgettable experience.

Angelika Klein - Portrait - Cuxhaven 2020 - angiestravelroutes.com

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