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As the weather forecast for today was bad, I decided to go to Stuttgart and visit the Württemberg State Museum in the Old Palace, which a friend had recently spoken enthusiastically about. I vaguely remember going there once with my school - about 45 years ago.

The train went on strike again today - I'm beginning to wonder why I've been paying for a €49 ticket for three months that I've only been able to use once so far - and that was only to travel to Stuttgart. Either there's construction going on or there's a strike - at any rate, rail travel in the southwest has been virtually impossible this year.

So I take the car. When I arrive in Stuttgart, I discover that my usual parking garage - the Breuninger parking garage - is being demolished. So I drive through the city center for a while until I find a space in the Dorotheen-Quartier parking garage.

Dorotheen Quartier Stuttgart - View from Dorotheenplatz into Karlsstraße to the Altes Waisenhaus - angiestravelroutes.com

From the parking garage, I walk straight into the Dorotheen Quartier. Opposite the parking garage exit, I discover the entrance to a supermarket - I hadn't even heard of it. How convenient - I'm going to do some shopping there later before I head back home.

Stuttgart- Markthalle - exterior view - in the background the collegiate church - angiestravelroutes.com

On the way to the Old Palace, I pass the market hall. Opened in 1914, the Art Nouveau hall not only offers delicacies from all over the world - it is also one of the most popular sights in Stuttgart's city center.

Stuttgart Schillerplatz - Alte Kanzlei and part of the Prinzenbau - angiestravelroutes.

The last market stalls are being dismantled on Schillerplatz. Schillerplatz is my favorite square in Stuttgart. It was faithfully restored in the 1950s and is considered one of the most harmonious Renaissance squares in southern Germany. In summer, it's nice to sit on the terrace of the Alte Kanzlei.

Schlossplatz Stuttgart - Magnolia trees in front of the New Palace - angiestravelroutes.com

The magnolia trees on Schlossplatz are a popular photo motif for visitors to the city today. I am also delighted with the heralds of spring.

Old Palace - Württemberg State Museum - in the foreground a branch of the pink blossoming magnolia tree - angiestravelroutes.com

The Württemberg State Museum in the Old Palace presents archaeological finds and the art and cultural history of the state from the Stone Age to the present day. The crown jewels of Württemberg are also on display.

Old Castle - Café Dürnitz on the first floor - angiestravelroutes.com

The bright, modern Café Dürnitz in the foyer of the old building is very popular with museum visitors. In summer, you can enjoy a coffee in the cozy courtyard of the Old Palace.

Württemberg State Museum in the Old Palace, Stuttgart - Cake buffet at Café Dürnitz in the foyer of the museum - angiestravelroutes.com

My tour through Württemberg's history takes me from the Ice Age art finds of the Swabian Alb, grave finds from the Bronze Age, the Roman exhibition, precious burial objects from the Merovingian period to sacred works of art from the Middle Ages such as the Talheim Altar and the crown treasure of the Württemberg kings. Afterwards, I have to fortify myself and opt for the delicious poppy seed cake and a cappuccino at Café Dürnitz, which is now a hive of activity.

Schlossplatz Stuttgart - New Palace and Jubilee Column - photographed from the Schlossplatz Pavilion - angiestravelroutes.com

Despite a forecast to the contrary, it stayed dry. I take a walk across Schlossplatz. From the historic bandstand, you have the best view of the whole square with the New Palace, the Jubilee Column and the fountains. It's no wonder that Schlossplatz is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

Schlossgarten Stuttgart - Opera House (Großes Haus), in front of it the Eckensee - in the foreground a Nile goose with young - angiestravelroutes.com

For me, there is no visit to Stuttgart without a detour to the Upper Palace Gardens. As at many lakes in the area, the Nile geese have taken over here too. The park is an oasis in the middle of the city, lined with historic buildings such as the neoclassical opera house.

New State Gallery Stuttgart - angiestravelroutes.com

I walk past the opera house to Hauptstätter Straße to take a quick photo of the Neue Staatsgalerie. The building, designed by James Stirling, is considered one of the most important works of postmodern architecture in Germany.

Markthalle Stuttgart - Cheese counter - angiestravelroutes.com

Before I head back home, I stock up on cheese and grapes for dinner in the market hall. With all the delicacies on offer here, it's hard to choose.

Markthalle Stuttgart - Fruit and vegetable stall with a lavish display - angiestravelroutes.com

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