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For the new year, I have joined the fabulous Judith Peters signed up for the annual blogger program The Content Society. That's when I learned about a new blog format that I'm trying out here: 12 of 12. 12 photos from the 12th of the month with caption. That must be doable. Here we go:

Bleak prospects every morning for at least a week! This gray in gray I can soon no longer see.
While I'm making my tea, I turn on the ZDF morning show to catch up on the latest world events. The weather outlook is just as gloomy as the rest.
The morning pot of black tea helps me,
to boost my spirits. I always have coffee in the afternoon.
I think it's about time to put away the Christmas stuff. Normally this is done on
January 6 made, but I am a bit lax in such matters.
Now it's off to the yoga mat. One exercise session per day is my motto for this year.
Yoga or walk. With the gloomy weather, the choice is not difficult for me.
Then quickly check Instagram and make a few comments.
12:45 p.m.: The first meal of the day. For a few years I have been doing interval fasting
and start eating only at noon. Rye bread with cream cheese, avocado and fried egg
is my favorite breakfast. With the new eating habits I have lost a few kilos.
Now let's get to work! My blog post about destinations worth seeing
in the area surrounding Würzburg is finally to be completed.
Before the Zoom meeting with Judith Peters, I prepare dinner. There is
Pasta with a creamy bell pepper and tomato sauce and a lamb's lettuce. Yummy!
In the Newcomer Blog Talk, the Q&A session for newcomers to the Content Society,
Judith clarifies our open questions.
My tip for all sleep-disturbed people: a light-hearted read instead of a crime novel works wonders! Since I
Jonas Jonasson's story of the Masai who had a score to settle in Sweden,
(my sister gave it to me for Christmas), the quality of my sleep has improved.
radically improved. And this is not because the novel is tedious.
On the contrary - I am having a great time.
Two blog articles are almost finished. Now is good! Good night!

12 of 12 info

If you enjoyed this glimpse into my day and have a blog yourself, join in the fun!

The photo project 12 of 12 was initiated by Caro from Draußen nur Kännchen. On the 12th of the month, you take lots of photos throughout the day, and in the evening, you pick 12 of them to write a short description about. Under Caro's 12 of 12 posting you will find a list in which you can enter your own 12 of 12 blog post.

And how was your day?

Did you also - like me - not even leave the house or something exciting happened? Tell us about it in the comments!

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