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June 12 is the penultimate day of vacation at the Baltic Sea for me and my girlfriend Jutta. My road trip from my hometown Sindelfingen near Stuttgart with several days stops in Weimar, Quedlinburg, Timmendorfer Strand and Kassel is coming to an end. I started on May 26 with 4 days in Weimar. I continued on to Quedlinburg to explore the Harz Mountains. On June 2 I picked up my friend Jutta, who lives near Bremen, from the train in Goslar. She will accompany me on my trip until June 14. Then our days at the Baltic Sea will be over and she will take the train home again, while I will spend two more days in Kassel to see the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the city center.

When I get back home, I will have visited 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites on this trip and can add some new photos to my blog post about the 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany, .

I will report on my trip in the monthly review for June 2023. But today it's first the 12th of June and thus time for 12 of 12.

Breakfast in our vacation apartment in Timmendorfer Strand - angiestravelroutes.com
Like every morning during our vacation, Jutta prepared a nice breakfast today.
I enjoy sitting down at the set table and discussing the plans for the day with her😃.

I had planned that today we make a trip to the Viking Museum Haithabu. Yesterday evening, however, we have changed our mind on short notice. The car ride to Haithabu would take 1.5 hours one way, and I just do not feel like it so shortly before my long drive back home. We decided to make only a small trip to Neustadt in Holstein instead, to get a few gifts, and eat fish tonight in the idyllic Niendorfer harbor.

But first we take a little stroll through the center of Timmendorfer Strand.

After breakfast we take a stroll through the town and a selfie in front of the fountain on Timmendorfer Platz.
Neustadt harbor with sailing boats and church tower - angiestravelroutes.com
We start our walk through Neustadt at the picturesque Neustadt harbor
with its historic sailing ships and rustic fish restaurants.

In Neustadt, we visit the Protestant town church, the construction of which was started as early as 1244. It has some peculiarities and is worth a visit. The painting of the naves dates back to 1350, but for centuries it was hidden under a white interior painting, which was rediscovered and uncovered only in 1957 during renovation work. Other highlights of the church are a Baroque altarpiece by the Hamburg sculptor Zacharias Hübener from 1643, the Renaissance pulpit from 1571 and a triumphal cross from the 15th century.

Neustadt in Holstein - the city church in brick Gothic - angiestravelroutes.com
In northern Germany, I particularly like the brick architecture. Neustadt's Gothic town church is a real gem.
Another sight of Neustadt is the Kremper Tor, which houses the city's ZeiTTor museum. In the adjacent annex, the Cap-ArconaMuseum informs about the tragedy, in which 4,500 to 6,000 concentration camp prisoners died shortly before the end of the 2nd World War.

I would have been very interested in the Cap Arcona Museum, but unfortunately it is closed on Mondays.

At least I can buy some gifts, some of them in a small but nice tea store.

Then we take a coffee break at the market square.

Neustadt in Holstein - Marketplace - Sculpture two fishermen - angiestravelroutes.com
In the café on the market square we treat ourselves to a cappuccino and a piece of cake.
The bronze sculpture of the two fishermen is by Serge Mangin.
Neustadt in Holstein - Port with pagoda warehouse - angiestravelroutes.com
On the way back to the parking lot, we photograph the pagoda store from the bridge at the harbor.
I have never seen such a structure in Germany.

We bring our purchases to our vacation apartment in Timmendorfer Strand and make our way to Niendorf harbor, where we want to enjoy freshly caught Baltic fish at one of the fish stalls today.

Timmendorfer Strand - Seeschlösschenbrücke - Portrait Angelika - angiestravelroutes.com
Here on the coast there is always a chilly breeze in the evening. Since I freeze quickly,
a scarf and a (thin) cardigan are mandatory.
Timmendorfer Strand - Seeschlösschenbrücke - angiestravelroutes.com
The Seeschlösschenbrücke is located very close to our vacation apartment.
A beautiful starting point for our evening walk.
Niendorfer Hafen - Yachts - angiestravelroutes
The walk from Timmendorfer Strand to Niendorf harbor takes about half an hour -
but we take so many photos on the way that it takes us almost an hour.

We take our dinner at one of the well-stocked beer tables of the largest fish snack bar: guaranteed fresh redfish fillet with bacon potato salad for a fair 12 euros. Delicious! 😋 Unfortunately, I forget to photograph the food because of my appetite.

Neustadt harbor - View from the observation terrace of the information - angiestravelroutes.com
Too late we realize that you could take your food to the observation deck above the information desk.
There is seating, a beautiful view and tranquility.
Timmendorfer Strand - Beach chairs and Seeschlösschenbrücke - angiestravelroutes.com
On the way back to the vacation apartment the abandoned beach chairs greet us. In the background you see
the Seeschlösschenbrücke with the pagoda-style restaurant. Our penultimate day of vacation is over.

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