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For 12 of 12 in August, I wanted to make a day trip - to Marbach am Neckar or at least to Herrenberg. The weather forecast (and ultimately the actual weather) threw a wrench in my plans. In the afternoon there were heavy thunderstorms in the Stuttgart area and I was glad to be back home.

The day was nevertheless not lost, because I had a stroll have after my purchases at our weekly market through the beautiful alleys of Sindelfingen's old town and came across stories that I had not yet known or had forgotten. Now I am even motivated to visit our town museum soon!

On top of that, I managed to finish the translation of my new extensive blog post about the Sightseeing in Weimar into English. I can pat myself on the back for that 👏👏.

12of12 August 2023 - Breakfast on the balcony - angiestravelroutes.com
Breakfast on the balcony would have been nice ... There is my favorite breakfast avocado with fried egg and then a yogurt with fresh fruit. Since I'm on 16:8 and take my first meal after 11 o'clock, it may be a little more opulent. Unfortunately, I have to move to the living room because of a wasp attack.
Sindelfingen - Underground parking under the market place - mural - angiestravelroutes.com
Saturday is market day. Because of the summer vacations, it is unusually empty in the underground garage under the market square. A good opportunity to take a closer look at the beautiful mural, which upgrades this really ugly underground parking.
Sindelfingen - Weekly market - Tomatoes - angiestravelroutes.com
I still have tomatoes at home, but these look very appetizing 😍. People come to Sindelfingen from all over the surrounding area to shop at the weekly market. No wonder!
Sindelfingen - Old Town Hall - Salt House - angiestravelroutes.com
For 12 of 12, I take a little stroll through our old town, which is well worth seeing. Sindelfingen is on the German Half-Timbered Houses Route and has over 100 half-timbered buildings. One of the most beautiful ensembles is the Old Town Hall from 1470, which today houses the town museum, and the Salt House next to it from 1592.
Sindelfingen - Haus am Hexensprung - Half-timbered house - angiestravelroutes.com
Although the name suggests it, the house at Hexensprung (literally "witches' leap") from 1475 probably had no special significance during the witch hunts of the Middle Ages. Sindelfingen didn't exactly cover itself with glory during this dark period either - 19 women were executed in witch trials. On the subject of witch hunts, there is a city history trail with nine information panels on the witch trials between 1563 and 1616. I'll tackle that soon!
Sindelfingen - Inn "Drei Mohren" - half-timbered house from 1714 - angiestravelroutes.com
The beautiful corner house on Schafhauser Platz was built in 1714 and has housed catering establishments since the end of the 19th century. Today, the house is home to a very popular Turkish specialty restaurant, which again bears the name "Drei Mohren", under listed in the commercial register in 1900. In the summer you can enjoy a drink or meal on the wonderful terrace next to the old city wall!
Sindelfingen - City Wall - angiestravelroutes.com
At Schafhauser Platz, right behind the "Drei Mohren" terrace, is the largest remaining piece of Sindelfingen's city wall from the 13th century. In a niche in the wall, a curious portrait commemorates the feisty mayor Jakob Heinrich Gußmann (mayor of Sindelfingen from 1750 to 1779).
Sindelfingen - Martinskirche - church tower - angiestravelroutes.com
Sindelfingen - Martinskirche - Interior with 900 year old wooden ceiling - angiestravelroutes.com

St. Martin's Church is the main Protestant church of Sindelfingen and one of the oldest churches in Baden-Württemberg (consecrated in 1083). Today I entered this church for the first time since my school days (i.e. for more than 40 years) and I find its interior quite impressive - especially the 900 year old fir wood ceiling.

Sindelfingen - Fraula Café - angiestravelroutes.com
Before I drive back home, I buy something tasty for the afternoon at the Fráula Café. You can also have your coffee and cake in the beautiful courtyard, but today I prefer my balcony. The tartlet was extremely delicious - it was definitely not the last time I was in Fráula!
12of12 August 2023 - Angelica at work - angiestravelroutes.com

At home it's time to get to work - the translation of my new article about Weimar is waiting!

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